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Sean Hannity

Below are the 3 most recent journal entries.


  2003.11.30  13.38
The real God

I went to mass today. It was inspiring. I'm glad I worship the real, true God and not the fake Allah like some radical muslim extremist terrorist. I love Jesus.

Mood: chipper

  2003.11.29  22.25

My publicist says that I must apologize to my many loyal fans for having posted in this journal while I was under the influence of alcohol. It will not happen again.

In my opinion, though, there's only one thing wrong with the bottle: when you're drunk, you can't argue with lib'rals as efficiently. Other than that, alcohol is great. Every real Amerian should own a bottle of Jack Daniels, a copy of the Bible, a Smith & Wesson, and a meat grinder.

Hell, our own president, G-Dub, is an alcoholic. It's good for ya. It's those commies and the liberal media elites that'll tell you it's not. Every true American knows it is.

Mood: aggravated

  2003.11.27  15.45
hapy thanks givin!!!

This is my frist post im makin Flipper told me abot this livejournal hing a while back but i never strated oen until now.

Today is a glourious day. God blessed America and gave us this greatt lands. He gave us this beatifull day to celebarte what where thankfull for and to get drunk on jack daniels and champaine hahaha

Ive been eatin turkey all day long tahts what your sposed to do on thanks givin i shuold send those PETa poepl turkies ahahahahah!@!!1!!! my wives in the kichen were she shuld be cookin!!1!

im gona take a nap now

God blessss Americ!!!@!!!!!!!

Mood: drunk

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