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The real God

I went to mass today. It was inspiring. I'm glad I worship the real, true God and not the fake Allah like some radical muslim extremist terrorist. I love Jesus.
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LOL! This journal is awesome. :D
this might be a stupid question, but erm, is this the real Sean Hannity? (alright, I know someone's laughing)
I almost forgot that I had this journal; I've been so busy fighting liberals and communists.

What do you mean by asking me if this is the real Sean Hannity? Have you met a fake one? You need to learn to recognize the real deal when you see it. You need to be Hannitized. Buy a copy of my latest book. If you see me somewhere and know that I'm the real thing, come up to me and I'll sign it.

Remember, if you're not on the right, then you're WRONG!
You rock! I don't have cable at home, so whenever I"m at my grandparent's place, I watch Hannity and Colmes as much as I can. And I've also been meaning to get your books also. But anyways, yeah, liberals are dumb. They think more government is the answer to everything. I like you're phrase there, "If you're not on the right, then you're wrong". Awesome!
Dude, this is not the real Sean Hannity. This is a joke journal, and probably the funniest I have ever read. Don't be fooled. :D
too bad youre listening to prince which makes you gay.
and you know that god hates fags.